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I ordered a black slim-fit t-shirt from Spreadshirt previously so was expecting the same. This was different so I was disappointed. It's still a great t-shirt, but for me not as good as the one I received previously. The colour and fit ***'t as nice.


This comment is about the Spitfire T-shirt. The plane you’re showing is actually not a Spitfire. Spitfires are a very distinctive shape, with elliptic wings. Even I know that. The person that this was for spotted it immediately and said they couldn’t possibly wear it It’s too embarrassing :(


I cannot tell you as I have still not received The t shirt that was supposed to arrive 2 days ago Had ordered it for a party this weekend but as I do t have it I have had to go and get another top very disappointed


Really really disappointed. I feel that I have wasted my money…. Looks like a cheap, low quality t shirt that is supposed to be extra small.. £*** is a rip off The neck is massive and the t shirt and sleeves are really long…. Overall not impressed.


Good quality 🙂
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